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About us

Electricity Bills are constantly increasing. Powerdown220 help you reduce energy usage so, we’re powerdown220 by name, powering down by nature!

Who are we? A team of professionals dedicated to helping people save energy and reduce bills working with the UK’s leading VO manufacturer.

What do we do? we audit your energy usage and deliver a report showing the costs and savings available. There’s no obligation, but if you like the look of the figures, we supply and fit a voltage optimiser which starts saving you money as soon as it’s switched on and keeps on saving you money for 20-30 years!

How does it work?
The National Grid supplies the UK at an average 242 Volts. Under Eu regulations, virtually all equipment used at work and at home conforms to the ‘CE’ mark set at 220 volts.  All voltage above this level is wasted.  Voltage optimisation will also extend the life of equipment, in some cases by up to 50%!

GW Energy (GWE), an electrical engineering company founded in 1994, was the first and still is the foremost producer of voltage optimiser machines in the UK. Owned and run by its 2 founders, both of whom have great experience in Electrical Engineering. They met as apprentices at the British Steel Corporation, where they developed the means to optimise the voltage supply at their place of work.

5,000 energy-saving installations later, the likes of Kelloggs, Holiday Inn, Tesco, Kwikfit, Bet Fred are just some of the high-profile businesses among our customers.

 “……., GWE has developed cost effective power optimisation systems without compromise on quality or performance,……” – Ged Hebdige, Director”

Manufacturer’s Product Warranty.

Powerdown220 offer a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years which can be extended to 10 years and beyond given commitment to a regular 5-year service.

Savings Guarantee


If you do not achieve the stated saving percentage (i.e. you achieve 9% instead of 10%) then GWE will provide a one-off payment to maintain the payback of the equipment as detailed within our proposal. The payment value will be based on the site loading and usage originally detailed in our proposal.

Calculating & projecting the savings percentage prior to installation
Each site will be treated as an individual case, but generally in order to provide a formal savings guarantee we need the following information.

• 12 months’ worth of electrical consumption data, in the form of: Copies of electricity bills and half hourly metering data (if an half hourly meter supply)
• The sites voltage profile over a week, suitable data loggers are to be installed
• An accurate profile of the types of equipment used on site

This information is reviewed by completing a comprehensive technical survey and by the fitting of a data logger/loggers.
Any short fall in either the quality or quantity of the information provided/gathered will restrict our ability to make or offer a savings guarantee. Any shortfall in information will also be highlighted within the formal savings guarantee.
Once accepted, this information forms the basis of our calculations and the savings guarantee so cannot be adjusted or disputed.

For the powerdown220-MAX and powerdown220-LITE ranges we provide a savings range based on the information provided solely by the client completing and returning our desktop feasibility form. Our savings calculations and projections are based on the information provided and as such, we cannot be held responsible for any assumptions we are forced to make for missing or inaccurate information.
In these instances we will guarantee the anticipated Typical Saving shown less a 2% tolerance.

Qualifying the savings percentage after installation

Measuring and quantifying the results of voltage optimisation can be very difficult with dynamic loads. It is not possible simply to compare last month’s bill without the optimiser, with this month’s bill with the optimiser, as this does not take all the variables into account. Generally there are two methods for establishing the savings percentages:

• The simplest option is for you to evaluate three month’s worth of half hour data from before and after the installation of the powerdown220-MAX, considering whether the site loading has changed. For example you may have installed or removed equipment, changed your operating hours or experienced an increase in production levels; even the weather or other external influences may affect your electrical consumption. All these need to be considered when assessing the savings.

• Another method is to use a standard Measurement & Verification Protocol, to perform “on-off” tests under comparable load conditions and measure the differential in kW and/or kWh consumption between the connected equipment when supplied via grid voltage and optimised voltage respectively. Repeating this a number of times over a given period will provide “snap shot” comparisons of consumption with and without powerdown220-MAX. The average difference between the two figures is the percentage reduction in energy consumption, which is used to extrapolate the savings over a year. To measure the savings in this way requires that you specify and implement in intelligent “i” version powerdown220-MAX optimiser. These optimisers offer the facility to seamlessly switch between optimised (saving) and grid voltages under load conditions without interrupting the power to the connected equipment.

It is the savings percentage that is guaranteed. Any shortfall in the projected kWh, CO2 or financial savings deriving from variables outside of our control, for example, but not limited to:

• Reductions in electricity tariff or taxes
• Reductions in operating hours
• Reductions in staffing or production levels
• Changes the electrical infrastructure or the types of equipment in use
• External influences, e.g weather dependent loads

…are not covered under powerdown220’s savings guarantee.


Every powerdown220-MAX Voltage Optimiser powerdown220 have installed to date has been cash positive from day one. We’re therefore confident in offering you a number of zero cost options. Each will have no upfront costs to you because of the instant savings . Put this alongside our guaranteed savings promise and you really do have nothing to lose!

Thanks to our Finance partners, we are able to offer:

  • Operating leasing (Generally for Public Sector)
  • Capital or finance leasing
  • Sale and leaseback
  • Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

The choice of option will have different benefits dependent upon your preferences and circumstances. The finance team will work with you to create the best funding option, which in most cases can be structured so that the costs are entirely covered by the savings made. In this way, the installation of an powerdown220-MAX Voltage Optimiser can provide immediate savings, and in most cases tax allowances are also available.

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